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372 Barringo Road, New Gisborne VIC, Australia

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Chapter House is a family-owned and operated funeral home dedicated to providing compassionate and personalised services during the challenging times in people's lives. With our extensive experience, we take pride in our empathy, integrity, and utmost care.

From the initial conversation onward, we stand by your side at Chapter House. Whether we receive a phone call from a hospital, a family member, or a friend, our Funeral Directors are available around the clock to take your loved one into our compassionate care. Together, we create a meaningful narrative that respects, honors, and celebrates the uniqueness of each individual. We understand that this is their story, to be told at your own pace, and we offer our warmth and understanding throughout the process.


Tree Planting Funeral Services -  Chapter House owns Wooling Hill Memorial Estate, we offer unique tree planting funerals that provide a meaningful and environmentally conscious way to honor your loved ones. Our tree planting funerals allow you to create a lasting tribute by planting a tree in their memory within our serene and picturesque grounds. It is a beautiful way to celebrate their life while contributing to the preservation of nature. Our dedicated team will guide you through the process, helping you select the perfect tree species and location that aligns with your loved one's wishes. As the tree grows and flourishes, it becomes a living symbol of their legacy, providing comfort and solace for years to come. Embrace the beauty of nature and create a lasting memorial with our tree planting funerals at Wooling Hill Memorial Estate.

Traditional Funerals - We provide traditional funeral services infused with a personal touch. These ceremonies can take place in a religious venue or a selection of alternative locations that we are happy to discuss with you. Following the ceremony, a second service can be arranged at a crematorium or cemetery. We adapt to your preferences and provide comprehensive support for you and your family. From coordinating flowers, music, and catering to designing order of service booklets, we collaborate with local artisans, including jewellers and florists, to ensure every detail is perfect, no matter how small.

Epitaph, Direct Cremations - Sometimes, a simple approach is all that is needed. Our Funeral Directors handle the transportation of your loved one to the final resting place with care and efficiency.

Memorials - A memorial is an unconventional gathering that defies norms. It can be held in a local park, a beloved bar, a private gallery, a beautiful winery, or even a family home. It has the freedom to take place anywhere, anytime, and is guaranteed to be as unique as the individual being celebrated. Our Funeral Directors assist you in securing a venue and help organize aspects such as music, readings, invitations, and refreshments. The key aspect to remember is that a memorial service has no set rules—it is simply whatever feels right to you. Just as each life is distinct, each story can be narrated in its own way.

Novella, Children & Infants - The loss of a child or infant is an incredibly painful experience. Regardless of how brief their life may be, their story deserves to be told. When young ones are involved, families often feel lost and isolated. We specialize in this area and provide support tailored to your needs, whether it involves organizing a traditional service or delaying a memorial until the time feels right to bid farewell. Our custom-designed European infant hearse, the first of its kind in Australia, is tastefully appointed and appropriately sized, offering a more suitable means of transportation than the conventional adult hearse.

Disclosure: Chapter House Funerals is a family-owned and operated business - the family also own and operate Wooling Hill Memorial Estate and Algordanza Memorial Diamonds Australia.



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