Hetherington Funerals

Hetherington Funerals

79 Kelvin Road, Maddington, Western Australia, Australia


08 9459 2846


Who we are:

Hetherington Funerals is one of the most respected funeral homes in Perth that offers caring and affordable funerals to WA and Perth locals. Hetherington Funerals is a proud independent and family-owned funeral home offering a high standard of service to WA families in Perth. Our priority at all times is to provide a level of service to our clients that relieves the burden of anxiety and stress that often accompanies times of loss and grief. We are committed to providing services in ... Read More

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Funeral Director Fees

Professional Fees

$2950 - $3600

Transfer Fees

$0 - $360


$0 - $1000

Death Certificate

$54 - $54


$650 - $3000

Funeral Costs

Standard Cremation

$1129 - $1500

Standard Burial

$1393 - $3850

No service listed.