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1300 236 402

We make funerals smarter

FuneralSmart is proudly brought to you by eziFunerals and its network of independent funeral directors. FuneralSmart is Australia’s premier marketplace that offers consumers access to affordable funeral goods and services provided by registered funeral directors. Here at FuneralSmart, we provide you with a smarter way to plan an affordable funeral with the some of the best independent funeral homes in Australia.

As a subsidiary of eziFunerals, a market leader in funeral planning, FuneralSmart can help you arrange an affordable funeral from the safety and comfort of your own home. The services offered via Funeral Smart’s website cover everything that you will need to complete the funeral arrangements. As well as partnering with family owned funeral homes who understand your needs best, FuneralSmart staff have years’ of experience in helping people take care of their funeral arrangements having served thousands customers.

We provide the best care at the worst time

For over a decade, our caring and experienced staff have helped thousands of families to plan a meaningful funeral. Indeed, we’ve worked across all parts of Australia. And, we’ve met with families just like yours. Our purpose is to provide the very best in care at the worst time. When anyone loses a loved one, we’re here to help. Of course, we cannot take away the grief and stress that loss brings. But, we can help to carry those burdens alongside you.

In the last several years, FuneralSmart has been working to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s families. More people are choosing cremation over traditional burial. So, it’s our priority to educate people. And connect them with our experienced team of Planners and Independent Funeral Homes. That way, they can learn first-hand about the options we offer. These include:

Direct cremation
Simple funeral service
Direct burial
Prepaid funeral plans
Pre-planning is easy. You can take care of arrangements in advance. Plus, you can secure today’s affordable cremation prices.

We are simple and affordable

FuneralSmart was created to address a growing trend and desire for people to be able to plan and arrange a simple and affordable funeral without the financial and additional emotional stress on families. FuneralSmart provides a safe, secure, and caring alternative to traditional funerals at a fraction of the cost. Funeral Smart is proud to provide thousands of families across Australia with simple and affordable options.

We believe in fair funerals for all

Every bereaved family deserves to know what they should expect from a reputable Funeral Home. As the leaders in this field FuneralSmart and our Funeral Home Partners have signed up to the Fair Funeral Promise, setting the standards for this style of service. We respect your privacy. Data collected by FuneralSmart is secure and private. We will never sell or distribute your information for marketing or solicitation purposes.

We partner with smart funeral homes

Affordable, Safe and Trusted. Our services provide cost benefits to customers and Funeral Home Partners by streamlining the process of ordering a cremation through a secure, online platform. Funeral Home Partners have been thoroughly pre-screened and have committed to upholding the highest of standards as a requirement of being part of FuneralSmart network. Our network of Funeral Home Partners are registered and/or licensed Funeral Directors who have trusted partnerships with local crematories.

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